Hemsworth AI Human Creativity_1200x628There has been a surge in the use of AI technology in the field of public relations. Agencies are finding it helpful to generate insights and analyze data. For many, AI has the potential to streamline tasks in a way that previously had not been seen before — and according to The Harris Poll, 90% of PR practitioners identify its value in this aspect

While AI technology can provide valuable support to public relations efforts, there will always be a critical need for human creativity in all public relations efforts. For a public relations professional to be successful, a deep understanding of media and the evolving digital landscape is important. PR professionals must stay on top of the latest trends to effectively navigate the media landscape and engage with target audiences. Active listening skills are also crucial for understanding a client’s needs, concerns and feedback. When it comes to public relations results, the human factor makes a huge difference. 

From data analysis to decision-making: the importance of the human element

AI tools can help public relations professionals analyze data and generate new insights. These tools can help enhance strategies and streamline workflows by quickly processing a range of data from various sources. But effective PR is about more than just managing social media accounts and producing content. To be successful, public relations professionals must have a deep understanding of human behavior, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to form trusting relationships with clients and stakeholders. It’s human creativity that allows public relations professionals to turn data and insights into compelling stories that resonate with a brand’s target audiences. 

Public relations campaigns are built around relationships, and human creativity is necessary to develop and maintain those relationships. It is a PR professional’s job to develop narratives that capture the essence of the brands they are representing and evoke emotions among stakeholders. Public relations campaigns should be built to shape and manage the public’s perception of a brand, product or person. By fostering positive relationships with journalists, bloggers and influencers, public relations professionals can help facilitate proper representation of their client’s brand. Through open lines of communication, they can influence the narrative and ensure that key messages reach the correct audience. 

The evolving media landscape and AI’s inability to keep up

Effective public relations efforts require more than just data analysis and automation. It requires the ability to think outside of the box, develop creative campaigns and messaging and build strong relationships with clients, media and influencers. In a highly competitive and consistently evolving business landscape, human creativity is essential for effectively engaging and influencing a brand’s target demographic. Human creativity is needed to develop unique angles and approaches that stand out from the overwhelming number of generic communications plans. Timeliness is also very important, and that can be lost when campaigns and strategy rely solely on AI. Monitoring the 24-hour news cycle and staying up to date with the latest trends requires nuance in thought that AI will have a hard time replacing. 

Brands should never underestimate the power of human connection and interaction and how that amplifies public relations efforts. Human creativity enables public relations practitioners to craft compelling stories, adapt to changing communication channels and preferences, address complex and sensitive issues and build brand differentiation. 

As AI continues to advance, the most successful companies will be those that balance AI-powered insights alongside human expertise. By embracing the distinctive advantages offered by AI, businesses can be even more strategic when crafting marketing and public relations strategies. It is through a unique blend of AI-powered insights and human creativity that public relations will truly thrive, connecting brands with their audiences in meaningful and authentic ways.